Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Next Big Thing

We're celebrating DCist's second anniversary by throwing the city another great night of music and mayhem at DC9. On the docket for this very special version of Unbuckled, we bring you the Vita Ruins, who I've not yet heard but have been game to ever since we reviewed them, and Middle Distance Runner.

Middle Distance Runner was good enough to furnish Kyle Leafblower with a handful of copies of their new CD, Plane In Flames, and Kyle was nice enough to wander over to my desk to give me one of them. MDR has been gathering fans all year and after hearing their LP, its easy to see why folks are so excited by them.

The band describes their music as rock with "bwoop sounds," but the record is catchy beyond belief--with a sound that's not just tres fresh for DC (and that continues to chip away at the granite of Dischordiana), but also fluid enough to offer the listener a wonderful range of songs on one record. What's common to each effort is rooted so deeply, that you can have the jaunty fun of "Naturally" and the tilting melodrama of "Out Of Here" in one place and never feel like they aren't part of the same idea. So, shit y'all, don't miss this gig. I'm at least as excited about MDR as I was about Georgie James, and no doubt you remember how jizzed for them.

So come to out big second anniversary party, September 14, at DC9. $8

And check out the bands.

Middle Distance Runner
Download: "Naturally
", "Man of the People"::Website::MySpace

Vita Ruins

Download: "Alien"::Website::MySpace

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