Thursday, September 14, 2006

Please to enjoy: Idolator

Suck it, Zune! You aren't the only thing launching today! After many weeks of speculatin', Gawker finally unveiled Idolator, their new music-industry blog. Now, you'll be able to use it as s shibboleth to see who's REALLY DOWN at the Velvet Lounge and who's not:

"eye-DOLL-uh-ter"= indie yuppie homeboy
"EYE-dull-ay-ter" = collar poppin' douchetoast

Il est chaud, n'est-ce pas? Anyway, we very much look forward to reading the darn thing, and can very much appreciate it's manifesto, especially with it's example of Beirut playing McCarren and the attendant hypesnake devouring it's own tail. In fact, after reading Rock Creek Rambler's post on last night's Band Of Horses show, we're guessing he'd be in accordance as well.

Actually, our favorite part of their first day is their description of Lockhart's travails in seeking out the right editors:

For months, Gawker Media O.G. Lockhart Steele trolled through New York's dingiest clubs and concert halls, hoping to find the rock n' roll animals wild enough to become the frontman (and/or frontwoman) for the company's new music blog.

Imagining this, we like to think that it all happened in a manner similar to the video for "Hungry Like The Wolf."

Anyway, we, for one, welcome our new musicblog overlords. At long last, SOMEONE finally had the GUTS to snark about music!


A. L. Deviant said...

We gonna see your screeds on that jonx?

The Deceiver said...

Nah. I think based on the manifesto, I've participated in The Problem.

The two editors have some serious acumen, though. I'm excited to see where it goes.

As far as Gawker(TM) goes, though, I'm just in awe at Will Leitch at Deadspin. He's next level, especially the way he involves the readers and conceives editorial events. That blog gets fresher and fresher, and I can't believe Leitch hasn't been snatched up to become some mags editorial director.

The Deceiver said...

Though, in their comments, I did call Daniel Powter "the Howling Void."

Blogs t r e t c h said...

RCR was dead on with the crowd commentary about BoH. The crowd would NOT SHUT THE FUCK UP. It was maddening. The valiant efforts by BoH to rock up their strummier songs was largely unrecognized by the loud as crap audience. I was searching my mind all night for a way to coerce the crowd into sitting indian style and thinking about what they'd done.