Thursday, September 21, 2006

Some stupid questions really do matter to George Felix Allen!

I'll be the first to admit surprise when George Felix Allen, backtracking from his previous position that being acknowledged as a Jew constituted an "aspersion," decided he'd be better off not entirely going Gentile into that good night (and, presumably, join the rest of the Tribe in raging, RAGING against the dying of the light--the one that miraculously burned for EIGHT CRAZY NIGHTS that is!). This was a man who badgered The Daily Progress into running a retraction when they uncovered his heritage some years ago, and, let's face it, it likely doesn't sit well with his traditional base.

But, as he said in the debate, there are questions that serious men should never have to answer in a serious debate on serious matters. Commanded he: "...ask questions about issues that really matter to people here in Virginia."

Or, at the very least, if they have to ask a stupid question, at least let it come with an opportunity to grotesquely pander to people here in Virginia, right George? Because this ostensibly serious debate took a turn for the retarded, and the astute blogger at Thrown for a Loop was there to pick up on it:

MR. RUSSERT: The one thing you both have in common is you both chew tobacco. Is that the right image for young people? It's a serious question.*

SEN. ALLEN: I don't--I, I don't advise young people. That's another one of the...

MR. RUSSERT: What about you? What about you?

SEN. ALLEN: By the way--by the way, I picked that up from the Chicago Bears training camp.

Whew! Allen just got that one in there, didn't he? "By the way!" he insisted with a panic rising in his voice, shrewdly adding, "By the waaaaay!!" When all else fails, Allen knows to remind voters that he was tangentially associated with activities related to football! Whereas, in contrast, Webb presumably learned to chew tobacco while he was, you know, at a Saab dealership or something.

Don't be surprised. When Allen addresses the Log Cabin Republicans, he probably tells them that his ass-cherry was taken by the '72 Dolphins.

*Tim Russert, of course, wouldn't know a serious question if it bit him on the ass.

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