Thursday, September 21, 2006

We're buying: Studio 60.

Okay. As far as we're concerned, Studio 60 is a total keeper. Granted, we're confirmed SICK for Sorkin. It dates back to the first day we showed up at UVa to find that a little drama called A Few Good Men was doing its pre-Broadway workshop down in leafy Charlottesville. We've been on the hook ever since. And yes, we still maintain that of ABC's many crimes, The Path to 9-11 ranks second behind cancelling Sports Night.

While the show is almost certain to have its detractors, because beautiful things always do, there's something about the Sorkinverse that feels like home to us: the dialogue snaps with verbal flourish, grown men and women still wear their ideals on their sleeves, the sets are darkly lit, Felicity Huffman is hanging out somewhere, and there's pedeconferencing,
pedeconferencing, pedeconferencing galore!

Of course, what little interaction they had on The West Wing nevertheless suggested that Matt Perry and Brad Whitford could kick it all night long. We are digging the suggestion that these two are basically written as TV-ready stand-ins for Sorkin and Thomas Schlamme. We're loving that Amanda Peet's character basically walked out of the executive suite at Quo Vadimus, and that they've stocked up on at least one Corrdry. Good stuff all around.

But, we issue the following warnings:

  1. Please, don't Sarah Paulson's character become this show's Mandy Hampton
  2. Stop with the faux-blogging, it just diminishes us all.
  3. Don't let John Wells ANYWHERE NEAR THIS SHOW.
  4. And lay of the 'shrooms, for Pete's sake.


wharman said...

I love it.

Divine Ms. K said...

Son of a bitch. I go to Chicago for one weekend and manage to miss the premieres of not one but THREE of my favorite shows. Tell me you still have this on TiVo. :-)

A. L. Deviant said...

Love all and how all is coke laced and full of effete, elitist Hollywood disdain for, among other things, our "Christian" nation and reality TV. Plus the added bonus of the entire premise of the show potentially making Lorne Michaels just a little uncomfortable adds sweet titillation.

Mike B. said...

My one tiny criticism of the show is that Sorkin/Schlamme retained pretty much the entire West Wing production manual -- same actor credit fonts, same cinematography, same lighting choices. But, they mostly work anyway. And wow, I thought Matthew Perry was great. So not Chandler. In a really good way.

Amy said...

Wow, that's a trip down memory lane -- so you were already in C'ville when "A Few Good Men" debuted there? Must have been fall of '89, maybe -- my fourth year, your first? Anyway, thanks for the memory -- Tom Hulse ROCKED!

P.S. Trivia question that I can't answer off the top of my head... Did Hulse stay with that show 'til Broadway? And were there any other names in that original cast?

Amy said...

Tom Hulce, I mean.