Tuesday, October 31, 2006

DCeptette: I'd love an answer that isn't sly version

  1. Best costume suggestion of 2006: "Slutty Gallaudet protestor." Sometimes, you read jokes that just redeem the whole damn blogosphere. [Why.I.Hate.DC]
  2. I share Rusty's disdain for "pub crawls." They are for people whose nights rarely take them anywhere. Last Friday, Fritz Hahn was on NPR talking up a pub crawl that had "everything from McFadden's to the Front Page," which is synonymous with "everything from 'suck' to the Middle English derivation of the word 'suck.'" That was on your Public Radio: a suggestion that flat out failed to improve upon a minute of dead air. Hey, NPR, next pledge drive, when I promise you $25 and then send you only $24.50? Well, you'll know why.
  3. Here's a real Meeting of the Whatever Word Conveys the Most Diametrically Opposite Meaning of the Word "Minds." [Metroblogs]
  4. Dear God. There are Naval Academy probies, currently chained to urinals, who have more manifest self-respect than Mark Halperin. And "The Note" hires interns from Bob Jones University? That explains...a LOT. [Glenn Greenwald]
  5. Amanda, I couldn't agree more. Ladybugs...I'm sorry...but they freak me the fuck OUT. [Blogs t r e t c h]

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