Thursday, October 05, 2006

DCeptette: My claddagh ring is pointed at the people version.

  1. Indeed, word of this came too late for us to stop it from happening. Or even to ask the hard questions. Questions like: Why are two of the women seemingly in need of extra vowels? "Trenholm? That's a joke right?" How many of these dudes have said, in the past 48 hours, "My dad totally owns a dealership?" Why does the second sentence of Ms. Wheeler's bio appear to have been written by Borat? "You dream of shotguns? Really? Because, you can just drink some NyQuil to clear that shit right up." Anyway, it's for a good cause, so I'll be sending the manservant Clayton down to Smith Point to examine the young men's jaws and the women's birthing width. I'm just going to assume that everyone's anal cavity is unsullied. [LateNiteShots]
  2. Uhm. Even if the intent WAS to draw a clear line separating DC's crime from Baltimore's, in an effort of have our Ottobar cake and eat it too while smugly shrugging off the bad side of the equation, it was impossible because there was no statistical breakdown for Baltimore's crime in the document, WHICH WAS THE POINT OF THE ARTICLE (the tendency of statisticians to accord DC "statehood" in statistical matters when it could be compared alongside municipalities). (And in truth, I don't think anyone doubts that DC's crime is worse than Ballmer's anyway). So you sort of went of half-cocked here, didn't you? avoid accusing someone of saying or doing something that is a factual impossibility, next time, let's try a little READING for COMPREHENSION. Still, I appreciate, as always, the little bit of hurdy-gurdy dancing you always do, so, as a reward, HERE'S A TASTY CRACKER! That's 'em up! There's a goood boy! Yesss you are! [Twit.]
  3. Call Meridian Hill Park by it's colloquial, better known name? Them's fightin' words! Luckily, fights in that park never last too long...[DCist]
  4. If you've ever wanted to know what a "Dick Wadhams" is, here you go. Bring ointment. [I Apologize...For Nothing!]
  5. Mandymattos and That Woman From the Cover of the New Joanna Newsom album: Twins? [Blogs t r e t c h]


PK said...

(And in truth, I don't think anyone doubts that DC's crime is worse than Ballmer's anyway).

Dude, you know I love you. And I appreciate the shout-out. But as the resident fact-checker (okay, fair enough - fact-doubter) around here, I have to say, I'm pretty sure Baltimore's crime rate really IS a lot worse than ours.

rcr said...

Oooh, subtract one point for using a picture of yourself in a WAKA tshirt for your date raffle photo. What was she thinking.