Wednesday, October 18, 2006

DCeptette: Quieting incarnate mediocrities version.

  1. What's up DC blogosphere? Ears burning? Save the date. 10/17/07. On that day, we settle all family business.
  2. Hey, did you hear that Representative Peter King (R-NY) said today that Baghdad was just like Manhattan? Christ, what New York Yankee pitcher crashed his plane there? [ThinkProgress]
  3. Hey, did you hear that Bill O'Reilly came up with a clear inductee for the top ten things to come out of his mouth that aren't actual dog poop? Apparently he said that a woman's life could "never be in danger" from a pregnancy complication. What fucking witch doctor voodoo HMO do they use at Fox? Uhm, preeclampsia much? Could I hear an ectopic pregnancy? I mean, shit. Has the guy never watched ER? Because every pregnant woman on ER has something lifethreatening happen to them on that show. And it is just a TV show, but it used to be produced by Michael Crichton who, I believe, is the O'Reilly sets go-to source on global-warming quasi-truthiness. Oh, well, everyone send your old cassingles of "Lightning Crashes" to the Fox News Channel at 1211 Avenue of the Americas in NYC, and don't forget to include "care of Bill O'Reilly is a Poncey Fucktard" in the address. [Media Matters]
  4. Hey, by the way, Media Matters, a question: I bet nailing O'Reilly in that circumstance was so easy that you guys had plenty of time to tidy up your bathrooms today. Am I right?
  5. Mind you, the way its designed, after the sixth time you bobble the head of the Jarvis Hayes model, it breaks in half and takes about a year to replace. [DCist]

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Bob said...

I love the fact that the Cassingle is already so antiquated that I was like, "What's CASS-in-gless"?

Oh man, Throwing Copper was awesome. I'm a much better tipper as a result of that album.