Saturday, October 07, 2006

Four Day Weekend of All Good Things.

  1. Get Your War On. Equals. THE HOTTNESS. Go see it.
  2. New Acting Contract. Equals. A lot more $$$ than the last one! Yay!
  3. Detroit Tigers. Equals. No more Yankees. Gloat!
  4. Offhand remark of Wife of DCeiver. Equals. Inspiration EXPLOSION. Concept coalescing. Writing partner on board.
  5. Four day weekend. Equals. NOT EVEN HALFWAY DONE.

Hope you're having the best weekend ever, too, people. Go COLUMBUS!

PS: Uhm, Travis...there was some "NEWS" that you must have "FORGOTTEN" to tell me, luckily yr wife "DID." (CONGRATULATIONS!!)


Taylor W. Buley said...

Drudge-style headlines?

A. L. Deviant said...

See, why doesn't it equal "teh hawt-ness?"

Anonymous said...

what happened to the pompatus of lost?