Saturday, October 07, 2006

Get Your Next Big Thing On!

Our colleague, director Grady Weatherford, lured us to see The Woodpecker this past summer with about the best bait you can ever hope to put on the line: he said it was the most DCeiver-like play he'd ever read. Needless to say, that was enough for us to call all the people in our lives who end up on our schedule and say: "Clear me out some space, bitches. I gots to gets to the DCAC afore the staircase done burns to the ground!" Which it did, a few months later, but as always WE WERE NOT TO BLAME. We almost never are.

And, lo, we gazed upon The Woodpecker and we deemed it not just good, but awesome. Add it to the list of G. Dubs' Great Works (along with Beard of Avon and the forever forthcoming Frank Lloyd Wright is...).

But, as DCeivery as it was, and it was, indeed, DCeivery, there is now competition. We speak, of course of what's coming STRAIGHT OUTTA ATEX to the fine, fine stages of our own Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company--the simply awesome Get Your War On! For those of you who are--I don't know--TOO SUCKASS to know what we speak of, we are talking about a staged adaptation of the wonderfully simple yet white-hot comics by David Rees (NO RELATION. I PROMISE YOU WARD 3). They boil DCeiverism down to its essence: 1. Identify hypocrisy. 2. Hurl profanity at it.

Now, Austin's own Rude Mechanicals--featuring the rootin' tootin' BIG ART talents of Ms. Amy Miley, among others--have staged this shit, apparently into a scabrous ballet of overhead projectors and carefully hidden bad attitudes. We cannot wait to see it. The fact that we are waiting to see it is just an unfortunate collision of actuality with semantics. But we will be seeing it, Saturday night at 8 sharp. The show runs until the 14th of October, and you MUST SEE IT. (Then, you'll must see MONSTER at Rorschach.)

Hey. Am I a fucking calendar? For details on the whens and wheres--go here.

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