Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I Guess His Marge Schott Bobblehead was at the Shop

DCist mentions today that George Allen ran a two-minute ad yesterday in the hopes of quelling the fallout from his monthlong series of anti-ethnic nonsense. In fact, they use the term "unleash a simulcast," which is a great way of describing it. Yet, Allen can't win for losing, he dressed his set with a Redskins helmet. Quoth DCist Tom:

Yup, nothing like appearing with a Redskins helmet to drive home a message of racial sensitivity.

F'reals. Does this guy not have a fucking media advisor? I mean, he could have dressed his set with ANYTHING. Allen's pathological need to remind us that he played football is well documented, but couldn't he have just used a football? Or worn some eyeblack? One begins to wonder, is Allen's need to cotton to his constituency in Virginia's racist rural deadzones such that he's always got to keep a piece of genocide-related memorabilia around?

You just know that when he celebrates his first Hanukkah, he's going to, like, hang a tiny noose on the menorah or something.


PK said...

I think it's even richer that the basic message was supposed to be that he wanted to the campaign to turn back to the "issues"... issues like, "which one of these guys had a dad who was a competent football coach?"

And if you were going to remind people about your football days, wouldn't you at least consider using the helmet of team you actually played for?

tom said...

I was sort of hoping that the roundup's commenters would pick out that the speech also highlighted Allen's efforts at welfare reform and eliminating parole. Way to appeal to poor minority communities, George, where such policies devastate the already-devastated.

fwiw, the skins helmet was there because his dad coached the team. But still: pretty transparent and stupid to have lying around.