Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I lasted longer than Moby did, anyway

Gosh golly, peoples. It's been a while. I ended a joyful Columbus Day weekend and immediately had to go to work and make about eleventy kabillion webpages that, in toto, took me long into the nights. The double-edged sword of vacation. Then, rehearsals. Most of which were hott. Then the most worst UVA game, like, ever. Paul--now THAT'S Groh's version of the 28-point blown lead to Clemson. Though, for reals--how was that INT return for a touchdown NOT pass interference? I didn't know college defensive backs were, uhm, ALLOWED to stomp an intended receiver to the ground a full five minutes before the ball arrived, but, shit, I guess you learn something new every day. Oh well.

Tomorrow, there'll be posts. Including the new Tennessee Williams-themed Pompatus and the latest thing Mark Foley has done to make me vomit in my own mouth a little bit.

And, by the way, the new Hold Steady record? Sooooooo good.


Chris said...

That wouldn't happen to be Mark Foley at an Old 97s show?

The Governess said...


TUL said...

I also didn't know that wide receivers can push defenders out of the way without a single flag being thrown, but I guess I'll let it slide since we haven't won a game in Cville since '90... Sewell looks like he'll be a decent QB though since the dude can scramble