Monday, October 02, 2006

I suppose he was "on his way to a vote" when he solicited sex from minors.

A commenter informs us that Mark "Catheter" Foley is now saying he did the things he did--namely, get all horndog over the interwebs with some children while perpetratin' like an anti-pedophile crusader--because he is an alcoholic. I wonder what his drink of choice was for his perv sessions? Probably not a Gibson--after all, he hasn't called anyone "sugartits" or blamed the Jews for making sixteen year old boys so tasty. Whatever it is, though, one thing's for certain--Dennis Hastert knows.


wharman said...

Only the DCeiver can make this funny. You're the best. Foley was my congresscritter. Looks like we've narrowly escaped having my high school spanish teacher (Gayle Harrell) fill his spot (putting aside the ridiculous notion a democrat might win, even in these circumstances - my mom is the only donkey in Stuart).

Fletch said...

Apparently, he was actually voting when he solicted sex from minors. Now that's multi-tasking.