Thursday, November 02, 2006

DCeptette: The clock on the wall never stops version

  1. When we last saw Sean Na Na, he was doing his best to ruin the Strokes' show at DARCH. Now, it's come to my attention that he seems to think that he has carte blanche to jizz his no-talent shenanigans all over entire Hold Steady shows? He's like the David Brent of indie-rock, and if he pulls this shit in November, BITCH WILL BE TASED! [Idolator]
  2. What will the National Mall look like in the future? Unleash your dystopian worldviews with the people of this world best prepared to bear the psychic weight of your darkest, most cynical thoughts: the good people of the National Park Service. []
  3. Just when you thought it was impossible to love Middle Distance Runner more... [DCist]
  4. George Felix Allen: throws like a pussy. [Washington Post]
  5. "As a student, Hitchens was good-looking and charismatic. He does not remember ever having met Bill Clinton, his Oxford contemporary, but he told me that there was a student who, at different times, was his girlfriend and Clinton's, before she began a lifetime of lesbianism." I'm guessing that whatever touched off Hitchen's lifetime of alcoholism is knit up in there somewhere, too. [FishbowlDC]

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PK said...

You know, I keep wondering if there's some way to verify my suspicion that George Allen's record as a starting quarterback was something like 3-21. I mean, he was a football player for one of the worst teams in the nation during the early 1970s, wasn't he?

Normally I wouldn't think of that as relevant to a political election, but when you think of the GOP line on people like John Kerry and Max Cleland as soldiers (which is basically, "sure they went, but they were shitty at it. I mean, Cleland got blown up by his own side before he even touched the ground!"), and you see Felix talking 24/7 about football, football, football... it really does make you think that somewhere, there are statistics to prove that George Allen was, in fact, a pretty terrible football player who got by mainly on his dad's reputation. I suppose it could be disproven as well, but I can't find the 1973 Virginia Cavaliers record anywhere online...