Tuesday, November 21, 2006

DCeptette: Get a gun we're losing altitude version.

  1. Apparently, the manager of the FYE in Tyson's Corner mall is an asshat. Do you think Jesus wants you shopping in the stores of asshats for his birthday? Probably not. So, unless you are dropping by to let him know he is an asshat, don't go in there. [The Consumerist]
  2. Cookies to make the dipshits dance. [DCist]
  3. Why is Karen Feld so MAD at Alex Pareene? (And, why isn't she mad at us?) Thanks to him, for the first time ever, people who were born after 1965 have heard of her. Sheesh--you don't see Wonkette going to the mat like that for just anyone who's had a story in an in-flight magazine...even the classy ones. [Wonkette]
  4. Jim VandeHei and John Harris are apparently going to build a The Note v. 2.0 at the Capitol Leader that even fewer people will care about. [FishbowlDC]
  5. Fuck me. Delaware is the BANE OF MY EXISTENCE at this time of year. Their tolls are way to expensive for what I get out of being in their "state." They remain the only state on the East Coast that hasn't yet figured out a way to make owning an EZ PASS advantageous. Now, they've gone and shut down TWO NORTHBOUND LANES on I-95. Oh. I hate you, Delaware. I really, really do. [Time I'll Never Get Back]

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