Monday, November 06, 2006

DCeptette: Semi-naked in somebody else's room version

  1. There is such a thing called "depraved indifference." Usually, it describes a criminal's POV when committing a criminal act. But, what if, instead of a single act, you used "depraved indifference" as a lifestyle choice. What if it defined your every action, your entire modus operandi, indeed, your very raison d'etre? And what if you lived in a city with an alt-weekly that was stupid enough to let you spell out every separate element of your malodorous existence. Well, that's what went into the creation of the City Paper's latest cover story, "Your Unfinished Basement or Mine?" in which one Franklin Schneider elucidates in graphic detail his hollow life and his malformed lifestyle choices, all of which paint the picture of a singularly loathesome, craven, awful, stupid human being. This guy makes the dude who recalled for the City Paper how he let people piss on him for an iPod Nano look like he's next in line to be the fucking Dali Lama. But, don't just read the story--no, no--anyone can merely glance, from left to right, across the pages of the City Paper--skimming when it just becomes too awful. No. For the full effect, please, do the honor of having Rusty relate it to you. He spelunked directly into the cavernous depths of young Franklin's void and examined the full measure of every shit-flecked stalactite therein. We hope he spent the weekend getting disinfected, and we thank him for the self-sacrifice. [WhyIHateDC]
  2. Adrienne Shelley: RIP. [Gothamist]
  3. Just when you thought it was impossible to love Middle Distance Runner more... [DCist]
  4. Noted, with a RRRROOOOWWWWWRRR. [FishbowlDC]
  5. One of the city's best bloggers has been laid low by crime. We pray for swift vengeance. [El Guapo in DC]

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