Tuesday, November 21, 2006

DCist Commentariat Explodes in Apoplectic Meltdown over Dos Gringos.

1. Wow.

2. Okay. I'm stuck between never wanting to go to Dos Gringos and kinda wanting to feel the full force of this place first hand.

3. I believe that the douchebag is the bag that holds the fluid used in douching, not a bag full of old douches. That would be, I believe, a duffeldouche.

4. Anyway, who douches? I'm told it's not recommended.

5. My favorite part is how one of the negative factors involved a presumed-member of the Cherkis family. Believe me, that's priceless.

6. Call me crazy, but I've had nothing but good experiences at Haydees.

7. And yes, I too support Rod's House of Semen on the site of the former Convention Center. That ought to put Teaism out of business.


Hill Rat said...

Restaurant reviews seem to bring commenters out of the woodwork. My guess is that it's because DC is full of half-assed "foodies."

boonelsj said...

Half-assed "foodies" perhaps, but I think what really touched off this firestorm is simply that DCist ran a positive review of a restaurant that is pretty universally hated by most people who have been there.

rcr said...

"duffeldouche" is my new favorite word.