Thursday, November 30, 2006

Heed Young Master Yglesias.

Tonight, I read this passage from Matt's blog to Wife of DCeiver:

Meanwhile, I have to say I sort of hope Baker-Hamilton doesn't recommend negotiations with Syria and Iran. The official hawk line on why we shouldn't do this is that it won't accomplish anything. Meanwhile, it would be the easiest thing in the world for an administration that doesn't want to negotiate with Syria and Iran to "agree" to negotiate, do so in bad faith, walk away having achieved nothing, further poison the diplomatic atmosphere, and thereby "prove" that such negotiations are useless. In fact, they're vital, but to do any good they need to be done in good faith.
DCeiver: Correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't he just described No Child Left Behind?

Wife of D: Actually...yes. Yes he has. To a "T." Good call, Matt.

Operating in bad faith, breaking what doesn't need fixing, forcing the failed outcome when failure--not successful policy--is the hoped for outcome...all parts of the corpus delecti of Bushism. It's why he should have never been allowed to lead us into a war, let alone out of one.

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DC1974 said...

I'm fairly certain that this is Nixonian in strategy. Although Nixon was actually too competent for this to work. If I remember my Urban Government class from dear ol'e U.Va., Nixon created his urban social programs (like enterprise zones, or whatever he called them), because he thought they were doomed to failure and then he could say -- 'see, they failed.'

Unfortunately, many of his urban social programs didn't fail but were quite successful (maybe even more successful than the Great Society programs).

Apparently it takes a certain kind of malice to want to screw things up intentionally and then actually doing it. Yay for team Bush!

(Or perhaps this is because Nixon was the lone Republican with a Democratic congress -- and so his incompetence had a more powerful competent adversary -- Bush has incompetence from Observatory Circle through the White House right down the Capitol. Neat!)