Thursday, November 02, 2006

Late Night Shots Crew Threaten Rain of Hellfire, Jager.

What began as an entertaining exercise, in which Wonkette shed light on the backstage goings-on at Late Night Shots--which basically allowed nothing more than letting the eminently rip-uponable to rip themselves--is now threatening to escalate into a full-blown douchebag uprising. No unpopped collar shall be spared.

FishbowlDC has a smattering of choice comments from the LNS gang. Our favorite:

"I would have no problem rolling into Poets and Busboys [sic], destroying their shit and burning and looting the place."

Oh, my. I'd advise against it. The Busboys and Poets crowd is pretty hardcore. They can straight tussle. Shit, you can just imagine what might happen if they rolled up there only to find Etan Thomas giving a reading--a lotta snapped necks. Of course, we don't think this gaggle of spoonfed twats can make it one-third up 14th Street without gettin' all a-scurred. Maybe the LNS Mafia can start small, and work their way up--you know, go toss Teaism or something.

Anyway, this is why we rarely party below P Street.


Rusty said...

LNS Election Night Party at Smith Point. Only one block below P Street!

Seriously, if us blogger-types can get all atwitter over DC9 shenanigans, certainly we all can find it in ourselves to ruin those LNS fuckers' good times.

etcetera said...

i'd like to think anyone with a popped collar at BB&P would be denied service.

rcr said...

I'm surprised they even know about BB&P, or anything east of 16th St for that matter.