Thursday, November 09, 2006

Many thousands of words.

Everyone who pretended to like me is gone.

Meet me in the parking lot, Nevada!

Bob Corker tests out the new hotline he will use to vigilantly guard all of Tennessee's white women.

I guess puppies don't, dipshit?

Cattle and the creeping thing.

Hmmm. Exactly how far up Joe do I get to stick it?

Check out my left hand, y'all. It's STILL fighting! How you like that? Seriously, please, someone...make it stop.

Ohhh, don't cry, Rick Santorum's daughter! Just think about how much more time your daddy has now to pump your poor brain full of sweet, sweet, cotton-candy flavored nonsense!

This was supposed to be a party? Jesus. Does the fun ever start?


Ed said...

Good Christ, the Santorums look like some psycho-weird ultraconservative, gay-hating Addams Family. (Snap, snap)

tom said...

Cattle and the creeping thing.

But which is which?

Duke Frankencow said...

The Webby fist pump looks oddly Dwight Schrute-ian. Maybe he learned it when Michael taught him to raise the roof.

Anonymous said...

Dude, I just wanted to say that I found your blog a few weeks ago and I think you're very, very funny. Particularly your "Lost" recaps. You need to do that more often. Great job.

Steve Friess

Anonymous said...

Mr. Santorum - If you truly love your children,and you know they are emotionally torn up about your loss, why in God's good name do you allow them to be publicly photographed on TV and in the newspaper at their lowest, and your lowest moment. What good does it do them or you. It only embrasses them and it only showcases the lack of parenting skills that you wanted to impose upon the american populace. Please. Next time you suffer political defeat, do not make your children suffer with you feelings they are too young to understand. It is not fair. We do not need to see the tears of your daughter on national TV. If you cannot preserve your own dignity, at least preserve and protect the dignity of your children.