Friday, November 10, 2006

The October Top 20.

Whoops. Forgot.

  1. The Long Winters, "Teaspoon" [Download]
  2. The Hold Steady, "Chips Ahoy" [Download]
  3. Veruca Salt, "So Weird" [Download]
  4. Electric Six, "Infected Girls"
  5. Middle Distance Runner, "Out of Here" [Download]
  6. CSS, "Meeting Paris Hilton" [Download]
  7. The Long Winters, "Fire Island, A.K."
  8. Stars of Track and Field, "Say Hello" [Download]
  9. Dirty Pretty Things, "You Fucking Love It"
  10. Okkervil River, "The President's Dead" [Download]
  11. The Spinto Band Vs. Muse, "Supermassive Mandy" [Download]
  12. Asobi Seksu, "Strawberries (CWL Remix)"
  13. Bishop Allen, "The Same Fire" [Download]*
  14. James Kochalka Superstar, "Britney's Silver Can" [Download]
  15. Roddy Woomble, "As Still As I Watch Your Grave"
  16. Ryan Adams, "Look Who Got A Website"
  17. The Arcade Fire, "Intervention" [Download]
  18. Beck, "Cell Phone's Dead"
  19. The Hold Steady, "Stuck Between Stations" [Download]
  20. Teddybears, "Yours To Keep (Annie Remix)" [Download]
*In case you missed it, here's my interview with Justin Rice of Bishop Allen.


Kathryn Is So Over said...

Thank you!!

Adrienne said...

thanks, mp3 fairy!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh the MDR song is good. Thanks!

Jesse said...

Ohhh the MPR song is good. Thanks!

adrienne said...

addendum: am loving "britney's silver can", esp. the chorus. be my personal dj?

Anonymous said...

The work day is so much better with new mp3's to listen to...if this wasn't too big of a pain in the ass it should become a regular feature! Thanks!

Q. said...

I braved Baltimore to see The Long Winters play at Sonar in September. Did you go? It was pretty much the best show ever -- two hours of "what do you guys want to hear"; and, because it was in B-more, there were only 40 people there.

Anonymous said...


jeffro said...

"Britney's Silver Can" was priceless - loved the huge build-up on the chorus!