Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Shooting Down Memes.

So, as I type this, it looks like the Democratic Party has done the improbable and nearly run the table in the Senate. I think Webb goes over 10K by the time all the early votes are counted--the last remaining precincts are in heavily Democratic Band Camp City. Then come the absentee/provisionals, which I expect to be a wash. Should Tester hold in Montana, that means 51-49 for the Democrats/Bernie Sanders.

Here's what you'll hear out of the mouths of the losers: the Democrats won, but conservatism didn't lose. Of course, most of the people who'll be saying that wouldn't be able to recognize conservatism if it shit in their mouths. If there's any shred of truth to what they're saying, it's this: compared to batshit insane 9-11 death cultism, EVERYTHING LOOKS CONSERVATIVE.

There may be people out there who think that some group of alien beings FORCED the Republicans to triple the rate of government spending under the Clinton administration, enact numerous invasive big-government laws that should make any real "Constitutional constructivist" shudder, piss untold billions down the hole of nation-building the un-nation-buildable in Iraq, and generally act like raving, lunatic dicks--BUT I LOOKED IT UP: for the past six years, these dudes named Republicans had all the votes.

So, before they choke to death on the "conservatism didn't lose" meme, they should ask themselves: So, you got any conservatives? Because if you got elected with an "R" on your name, you're likely a batshit insane 9-11 death cultist. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT, LOSERS.

That said, can the Democrats build on this? Man, I have no idea. No idea. Their post-election talking points though, are much more sensible: don't swagger, preach ethics, plan on connecting with the opposition to find workable bills that can pass with big majorities, play ball from the middle. But they better have a plan, otherwise history WILL look back on this as a win by default.

By the way, isn't it awesome that Terry McAuliffe wasn't in charge? It SO is.


Antiquated Tory said...

Best. Election. Comment. EVAR.

Btw, where did you pick up 'batshit insane?' Did you used to follow The Brunching Shuttlecocks?

PK said...


I was a little scared once it was down to four races last night, but once Tester started hitting a lead in the early returns, I somehow knew it was happening.

The downside to this election is that the Dems are starting to look very conservative themselves (I like to think of us as the party of Heath Shuler - the Tennessee Shuler, not the Washington one), which is good for a lot of people (say, minimum wage earners) but bad for others (say, gay people). And Lieberman won pretty handily over Lamont.

On the other hand, Pelosi (and soon Reid) get to set the agenda - what gets debated and what gets voted on, which is by far the biggest benefit of replacing people like Chafee with people like Whitehouse. If you expect Bush to sit idly by, guess again... but it's still AWESOME.