Thursday, November 09, 2006

The U.S. Senate Prepares to Welcome it's New Democratic Overlords.

So, tonight, the AP called the Virginia election for Webb. I don't know if Allen has yet conceded, or if one is even coming, but it's significant that the AP announcement was not followed by some other crazy-ass shoe clattering to the floor on behalf of the empty-headed ninnies who want Allen to retain his seat.

Ohhh, just let me savor this. I lived down South when Allen's political career carried him to the Governor's mansion, and I have wanted his political career to die from the very first minute I became aware of his existence. His feigned good ol'l boy posturing and that ubiquitous fucking football were all a part of the corpus defecti. When he became a real-live U.S. Senator, I was chagrinned beyond all imaginings. I never thought we might see the day where someone challenged former New Hampshire Senator Bob Smith as the dumbest fucking dumbfuck Senator ever, but Allen straight up LAPPED him. Terrible day for Virginia. Then, when I realized he was positioning himself to be a Presidential candidate, I was like--PANIC: ON! Electing George Allen to the Presidency? Why not just have everyone quaff an LSD milkshake and set the country on fire?

But it's over, he's over. He's done, dead, finished. And, I gotta tell you, it is fucking GREAT! LOVE IT! He really should have let me punch him in the face. S. R. Siddarth, you ever walk into a bar I'm sitting in, I promise, you will drink for free. Wahoowa.


gavin d'order said...

Amen to all that! I could never believe that worthless SOB got elected to governor, let alone senator. Virginia, my homeland, you sparkle a little more now that turd has been wiped off you.

Gibson said...

Can we now start the Obama-Sidarth 2008 presidential bandwagon?