Friday, November 17, 2006

Welcome back, Trent!

We mark the return, of sorts, of Trent Lott. The Senator from Mississippi loves leadership positions and receptionists with big knockers. And segregation. Boy, he sure do loves him some ole-timey SEGREGATION!

Lott recently returned to the upper echelon of the Senate leadership by defeating flannel enthusiast Lamar "Lamar!" Alexander for the post. Lott won his caucus' approval by a single vote, but DON'T YOU WORRY AMERICA! Owing to the media's particular biases, I promise you that you will not hear word one about the deeply fractious nature of the Republican caucus. Nor will you have to entertain analysis as to whether the GOP totally missed the point of the elections by momentarily entertaining the prospect of elevating Mike Pence and John Shadegg to leadership roles in the House--because just after the center turned out in force to wrest control away from you is the perfect time to consider getting shriller and more reactionary!

Anyway, you have to credit Jon Stewart for pointing out that no one is more suited to be a "minority whip" than Trent Lott. Of course, the deeper question is, does Trent Lott, among his collection of Southern culture bric-a-brac, actually OWN an actual minority whip? And, if JC Watts came over to his house to help rebuild his famously Katrina-damaged front porch, would Lott be tempted to use it?

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