Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Also, can I take my TiVo to heaven?

On our daily DCist email thread, we've started an off-topic discussion on the things we would say are "must do" before we die. Typical responses are travelling here and there, bedding down him or her, getting a sweet tat. Mine was to eat haggis at least once.

But this led me to other ruminations. To wit:

"What happens if, before I die, I haven't finished seeing everything in my Netflix queue?"

This has lately led to some harrowing moments of contemplation for me. Like many a Netflixing fool, I've gone totally stupid and loaded it up into the triple digits. I have really got no hope of finishing the queue I have by the time Social Security goes bankrupt and our nation's assets become wholly owned subsidiaries of China. Naturally, I've been counting on receiving a dispensation from the Almighty, but it begs the question: What if God isn't moved when I tell him, "I have to go back Lord! I still have to see Red and White from Kieslowski's Red White and Blue Trilogy!"

And, take it from me, DO NOT EVEN TRY to talk to the Pope about these matters. That guy is totally USELESS.


gavin d'order said...

Dude, Barry Lyndon is three hours of your life you will never be able to get back.

Anonymous said...

When Barry Lyndon first came out, a friend--the only person I've ever encountered who liked Barry Lyndon--almost had to go into the witness protection program to hide from angry friends who went to see it on his recommendation.

Sharon Rose said...

Amen, do NOT waste the time in your queue with that stinker.