Monday, December 04, 2006

And, speaking of "considering" movies...

I find it pretty funny that Variety is asking people to offer their anonymous opinions as to whether the Academy is going to punish Mel Gibson for his anti-Semitic freakout during awards season and deny his Apocalypto nominations. Variety is reeeally putting the cart before the horse on that one. Have you seen the trailers for Apocalypto? Holy shit, man...that movie isn't getting nominated for SHIT! It wouldn't make any difference if Oskar Fucking Schindler had directed it! Apocalypto is going to be a geniune turd, and why shouldn't it be? The whole thing looks like Burning Man in the Amazon, with a multitude of piercings and some craptastic language no one understands or even cares about. I don't know, if I'm Mel Gibson, I'm worried about how much I'll have to recoup to keep myself in Dilantin milkshakes.


Ed said...

I think the movie studio has taken an interesting risk on the marketing campaign for Apocalypto - calling it "Mel Gibson's Apocalypto," which only calls attention to the freak-show behind the film.

Then, having him explain the damn movie in TV commercials - first, this doesn't bode well, if you have to have the director explain the film in an ad. Second, it's Mel Gibson, and all it does is remind us that he's off his rocker.

I think a lot of people will avoid it just because of that.

pop1013 said...

I was oddly perplexed the other day when some news piece or other on TV called this movie "hyper-violent" (maybe one word). What does that mean is more violent then typical violent movies, cuase Saving Private Ryan is pretty vicious. Does it get a special rating of R++ or something becuase its more violent. Either way I agree its probably crap and I read an article about how the few surviving descendents of the Maya living god knows where hate it too.

PK said...

I have to say, I heard the title before I heard about the movie's concept, and for a while there I thought "Mel Gibson's Apocalypto" was either going to be a documentary about, well, his Apocalypto, or a movie about the Last Days, Gibson-steez. (Note: *sigh* Fine, Jason. You win. I finally succumbed to your bloggerista campaign and used the "word" steez. Ugh.)

I was disappointed to find out it was another plain old dead-language war movie. There are a lot of things ol' crazy Mel should be explaining to people. The ruin of Maya civilization isn't one of them.

Robson said...

First: let's not pretend the Oscars mean anything.

In defense of the ads, they probably felt that Gibson's explanation was needed, because otherwise Middle America wouldn't see a movie in a dead language with no white people in it.

As for the film itself: a tidy (if very, very bloody) little Saturday afternoon actioner ("plain ol' dead language war movie" just about covers it, yes). Probably Gibson's most relaxed and restrained film (which is saying damn little). There are a couple of moments that are truly thrilling, and I dug the time-warping deus ex machina.

And I'm pleased it made more than THE HOLIDAY, while opening on fewer screens.