Friday, December 29, 2006

DCeptette: Everybody watch themselves, Bush is on vacation version.

  1. Verizon plops down a brand new store out in Band Camp in an attempt to model themselves after Apple's retail locations. Great idea! Of course, it would help if the company wasn't universally reviled. What's next? The Comcast Camps? [The Consumerist]
  2. SoHo experiences something that's old hat to Georgetown denizens. [Gothamist]
  3. The GoGs, in an attempt to shatter a myth about H Street NE, perform the public service of tallying and comparing neighborhood crime rates. But, really, their default audience is the sort of person who would find an evening at Reston Town Center fast-paced and eclectic, so...what's the point? They're going to take one look at the five violent incidents near ESL and never be able to distinguish the Golden Triangle from the Sunni Triangle ever again. [Goggles]
  4. President Bush will remain on vacation during Ford's funeral, perhaps mistaking the former President for a black guy floating face-down in floodwater. [Wonkette]
  5. Orlando: a city that begins and ends in zeroes. Truer words were never spoken. [Circumlocutor]

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bikinis said...

not sure why you think verizon is universally reviled, but as a former employee i thought it was a great diverse place to work, unlike the job i took after