Friday, December 01, 2006

DCeptette: Sodomized by turbos version.

  1. No, I don't like the redesign either.
  2. Let me just say this: don't sleep on Vilsack, y'all. I'm saying this now so that if it all breaks his way I'll look like a genius, while if it doesn't, you won't remember me saying it in the first place. [Wonkette]
  3. Look, I'm a fan of the Velvet Lounge. Let's bring back the Robot Ball, people. And I think the guy in question, Rob Curtis--who I believe is Looks Sorta Like Jude Law But Angrier Guy--is fantastic at getting great sound out of those speakers. Nevertheless, this little YouTube spat he started was a mistake. For starters, the clip in wholly innoccuous--I straight-up fail to see how it casts the club in a bad light--unless Rob is actually worried the viewer might be fooled into thinking that the soundless clip is actually indicative of a sound system so poor that it renders total silence. There was really no need to start this fracas, and besides...oversensitive rock-club employee flames detractors? That's so Black Cat. [DCist]
  4. Thousands of bags of Doritos re-enact the Normandy Invasion on the beaches of North Carolina. [Consumerist]
  5. Oooh. Looks like somebody took one Last Night Shot too many. [Craigslist] (UPDATE: Oh, dearie me. That might not have been the most regrettable thing to happen to someone from the LNS demographic: enjoy this satisfying read, and as with all matters related to this gaggle of DC nobodies, pray no eggs get fertilized.)


ryan said...

Nah, Jude Law is the sometime doorman who's also a member of the Monopoli-esque band Red Racer. Rob Curtis is the Kevin Smith lookalike.

The Chairperson said...

I'm sorry but I think the Velvet story has been soooooo trumped by the comment-storm over the DC9 post (bad neighborhood and all). The one good thing about the redesign is its easier to track what people are spazzing out about now.

The Deceiver said...

Heh. No need to be are right on both counts!