Wednesday, December 27, 2006

It Always Comes in Threes.

We hope your Christmas celebrations were at least as nice as our own. We spent ours in the northeast. We can once again report that Delaware doesn't get it as far as what EZ Pass Membership is supposed to represent, but, other than that, nothing but niceness. Our friends Amy and Len have moved into a beautimous house in a gorgeous little lake community. Together, we played with dogs and trains and took in 30 Rock in all it's about-to-turn-seventy glory, enjoyed some poppin' and lockin' on 6th Avenue, and considered an Eames-era lounge chair as the solution to the problem of what to do when you have $5,000 just burning a hole in your pocket.

But, the ineffable grind of the wheel means that in good times, there is still sadness. Like, DC United trading Esky! WTFville?! This so displeases us! And today, Gerald Ford died. Really too bad. He hung in there, didn't he? Make you wonder just who Dubya'll turn to when it comes time for him to have the need of an ex-Prez to chum up with. Carter's way too deep for him, and Daddy's all tight with Bill Clinton. Ford seemed like a guy who'd have some pity and fellowship, and reach out to Mis Fail for a Saturday afternoon of roasting cashews and watching college football. Now, that's not to be.

God knows there won't be the demand for necro-porn like we had when Reagan died, with the month of laying in state and the 24/7 live coverage of every little incident. That's too bad, because Ford deserves to remembered with much more fondness than Reagan. And if we don't throw him one last party here on Earth, who will? You just know they've been installing hot-tubs by the googol up in heaven since the Godfather of Soul got there.

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