Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Just a Reminder

Our site statistics tell us stuff. Like: apparently, everyone's been searching for info on Jessica Cutler again recently. We don't know why, we're real busy closing out 2006 and making way for the bundle of joy that will be 2007. But, whenever there is a spike of Cutler-interest, we notice a lot of people searching for "Jennifer Cutler." You guys end up here because we quoted a Jonathan Yardley chat at length way back when, and he accidentally renamed her during the chat. But, her name's Jessica--not Jennifer. We do this as a public service for all the Jennifer Cutlers out there in the world. Be strong, ladies.


Anonymous said...

People are probably searching for her b/c there was an article in the Post yesterday about how one of the dudes is suing her, and it's going to court soon. (It also mentions she posed for Playboy, so they're probably looking for those pics, if you want to hook them up.)

Jennifer said...

Thank you! I am one Jennifer Cutler who has been wrongly accused... :)

Jennifer said...

Thank you -- from one Jennifer Cutler who has gotten funny looks from her online stalkers :)