Friday, December 29, 2006

Musiclist: The Fifty Best Songs of 2006, According to the DCeiver iPod

  1. The Strokes, "You Only Live Once"
  2. Morrissey, "You Have Killed Me"
  3. Bishop Allen, "Flight 180"
  4. The Daybreak Line, "Bleeding Hearts"
  5. Permanent Me, "Dead To You"
  6. Rainer Maria, "Catastrophe"
  7. Bishop Allen, "The Monitor"
  8. Ghostland Observatory, "Piano Man"
  9. Irving, "Jen, Nothing Matters To Me"
  10. Jarvis Cocker, "Cunts Are Still Running The World"
  11. Amy Millan, "Skinny Boy"
  12. The Dresden Dolls, "Delilah"
  13. The Dresden Dolls, "Sing"
  14. Calexico, "All Systems Red"
  15. Keane, "Is It Any Wonder?"
  16. Neko Case, "Fox Confessor Brings the Flood"
  17. Arctic Monkeys, "From the Ritz to the Rubble"
  18. Drive-By Truckers, "Space City"
  19. The Raconteurs, "Hands"
  20. Arctic Monkeys, "I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor"
  21. The Coup, "My Favorite Mutiny"
  22. The Editors, "Orange Crush"
  23. The Gossip, "Standing In the Way Of Control"
  24. The Long Winters, "Teaspoon"
  25. Regina Spektor, "On the Radio"
  26. The Sounds, "Painted By Numbers"
  27. Bishop Allen, "The Bullet and Big D"
  28. Clipse, "Wamp Wamp (What It Do)"
  29. Cold War Kids, "Hospital Beds"
  30. The Hold Steady, "Stuck Between Stations"
  31. Lady Sovereign, "Gatheration"
  32. Love Is All, "Make Out Fall Out Make Up"
  33. Voxtrot, "Mothers, Sisters, Daughters and Wives"
  34. Car Stereo (Wars), "Ghostface Observatory"
  35. Mates of State, "For the Actor"
  36. Middle Distance Runner, "Naturally"
  37. Phoenix, "Long Distance Call"
  38. The Pipettes, "Your Kisses are Wasted On Me"
  39. Zach Galifianakis, "Up In Dem Guts"
  40. Be Your Own Pet, "Adventure"
  41. Drive-By Truckers, "Daylight"
  42. Ghostface Killah, "R.A.G.U."
  43. The Mountain Goats, "No Children"
  44. Neko Case, "Dirty Knife"
  45. The Roots, "Here I Come"
  46. The Strokes, "Electricityscape"
  47. Envelopes, "Sister In Love"
  48. Ghostface Killah, "Be Easy"
  49. The Mountain Goats, "Woke Up New"
  50. Middle Distance Runner, "Out Of Here"

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