Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Our Top Fifty Reactions to Pitchfork's Top Fifty Albums of 2006.

50. Uhm, sure.
49. Trying way too hard.
48. I snoozed, I lost.
47. Just like you guys.
46. Too low.
45. Too high.
44. F'reel? You know they can never follow this record up, right?
43. Yeah, okay.
42. I guess.
41. Yep.
40. Ugh. Seriously overrated.
39. Call you hiptard.
38. Swing the heartache.
37. No street cred for you!
36. Someone had to, I guess.
35. Whatevs.
34. Gotta get a gimmick, right?
33. You know, it's okay to say their past their prime! Say it! Liberate yourself!
32. But that album cover!
31. Oh, give this Danielson shit a rest.
30. I concur.
29. We'll see...
28. Too low.
27. Boring.
26. Utter and complete shit.
25. Plus: "Dick in a Box!"
24. Meh.
23. Double meh.
22. Blogga, please. It's a jogging tape.
21. Hott.
20. As the Cameron Crazies say: "OVER!! RATED!!"
19. I want to like it more...I just don't.
18. Okay.
17. I didn't think it was their best.
16. No. Absolutely not.
15. Ugh. Can we end the Wolf Parade, already?
14. *wink*
13. Got some franco-funk for your trunk!
12. Cool.
11. I should spend some more time with it, b/c it was surprisingly improved from previous tries
10. Never been my thing.
9. Ditto.
8. It's so golly darned dull, though!
7. D'okay.
6. I can't think of anything nice to say about this record. Except it was better than their last.
5. Ha! Suck on it, Avent!
4. Truly, there is wisdom here.
3. I guess you couldn't have redeemed your cool coupons any other way. i say: meh.
2. Yes.
1. Like Dr. Cox would say: "WRONG WRONG wrong wrong...wrong wrong WRONG WRONG! You're WRONG....you're WRONG...you're WRONG..."


The Cut said...

I've got a top fifty list for you to check out: The I haven't really studied the boxscore or the game recap yet, but if I'm seeing this straight Appalachian State just handed the University of Virginia their second loss of the season in basketball. Donte Minter saw some playing time in the game and I'm assuming he got crunk wit it and talked about loss of playing time wit children of the Cain. ASU will get the Southern Conference Dance Bid.

The Deceiver said...

DAAAAYUMMM! That sucks so hard! Why couldn't you bitches just be content with football excellence?

Anonymous said...

how can 12 be cool and 8 be dull. More like the opposite!

gavin d'order said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one that found a lot of Pitchfork's Top 50 snooze-worthy... Is it just me, or is that site losing relevance by the day?