Friday, December 22, 2006

Radio Free DCeiver: Light Footwork, Emily Haines, Xmastime

Last year, we were delighted to make the acquaintance of Palo Alto's The Light Footwork. Nice people with tuneful pop songs full of great left hand turns. Their record, One State Two State, was good enough to finish at 32 in our 2005 Top Fifty Albums. If you haven't heard them, or just haven't checked in with them for a while, You Aint No Picasso--perhaps the band's biggest interweb champion--has posted a complete set of MP3's from their recent session on KZSU. Please go and enjoy.

Also on the interwebs: if you are in a rictus of anticipation over the coming Arcade Fire record, loosen your tender musculature listening to this fantastic collection of rarities from The Torture Garden. Right now, only some of the links are active, but there is a promise to have them all fully restored for Xmas.

Speaking of, the news is that tickets on the Arcade Fire's tour are selling out RIDUCULOUSLY fast. Five Montreal shows were gone in three minutes. That doesn't bode well for people who are dying to see them. However, if you are still concerned about doing your part to support the Canadian indie rock that's propping up North American efforts in that regard, might we suggest an attainable alternative? Try the coming show by Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton, Wednesday, January 10 at the 9:30 Club. Haines' recent release, Knives Don't Have Your Back, is terrif--placing Haines into a new context--quiet, melodic, piano-driven, with a real emphasis on Haines' excellent vocals. As a "departure" record, it sorta feels like it's in the same vein of Jenny Toomey's most recent records--a reinvention through understatement. Haines' show will be a seated show with horns, maybe even strings, and visual art from acclaimed Canadian filmmaker Guy Maddin (The Saddest Music in the World). Tickets are available for $15--but keep your eye on DCist, where we'll probably offer a ticket giveaway.

Finally, two DC bands have left Christmas wishes:
Full Minute of Mercury, "God Rest Ye Metal Gentlemen" [download]
Middle Distance Runner, "Xmas Party" [download]

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