Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Year in Highlights! April 2006: Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want

Oh, but I did get what I want. With a big assist from the good gentleman known as the Information Leafblower, we became more gainfully employed than ever before. We're surprised we wrote anything considering we were either celebrating the ascension to superjob or being inspired by our pal Rahaleh's awesome first foray into directing. April was about sticking the landing, then looking for the next event.

  • The travails of Ben Domenech introduced the nation to the people who were the REAL problem in America--those dastardly STRAW MEN!
  • We spend many an hour each year, poring through collections of used records, hoping to find that one sublime rarity, an LP that dropped through the transom, avoided other collectors, and somehow, found its way to you. This year, we can all agree: we found that record.
  • We take a trip down memory lane, only to find gut-churgling statuary on the side of the road.
  • We are honored by being selected to participate in the inaugural F.W. Thomas Performances, and we bring the A-game.
  • Sometimes, there's just no accounting for what happens to your brain after you read Pygmalion In A Blanket.
  • LOOKIT! Those Straw Men aren't just over there fucking up Iraq and up in Manhattan using the New York Times to sound the warnings for our terrorist no. They are destroying our churches here at home as well!
  • A Bright Room Called Day. Just perfect.
  • "I am the Decider!" That was the moment, right there, when America decided to kick your ass, Mr. Bush.
  • What the fuck are you talking about, Derek McGinty?
  • What a great way to cap the month: The Strokes hit DARCH.

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