Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Year In Highlights! August 2006: Oscillate Wildly

After blowing off the bulk of July, we realized heading into August that we were going to spend at least a week far away from the flux and crux of the interweb, at a tiny house along some beach, where I would take the opportunity to catch up on a year's lost reading. (I failed massively, by the way.) So we did what we could amid the summer scorch to kick things into gear.

By the way, here's how we remember how to spell Ahmadinejad. We start with "Ahmad Rashad," squish them together, and replace the "rash" with "inej." We suppose that we imagine "inej" to be the name of some balm, or salve, or poultice, that cures up some rashes. you have better solution?

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