Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Year in Highlights! January 2006: Stretch Out and Wait.

January 2006. It was a time for semi-employment. Uncertainty. Trepidation. The Redskins were actually in the playoffs. We probably went to Krupins with Mike Grass at least once. And seriously: we lost Red Auerbach this year, but I think his Chinatown meet-and-greets will one day be replaced by Mike Grass-at-Krupin's as the place where area wisdom gets dispensed. Trust me on this one. Except Grass will have step outside to smoke cigars, won't he?

Well, enough of our vision for this great city's future. Here's what happened in the first month of this year.

FINALLY: The quintessential January moment? HUMAN-ANIMAL HYBRIDS.

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