Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Year in Highlights! July 2006: Girlfriend In A Coma

Midsummer brought heat...sweat...lethargy. Not our most prolific month. Though we certainly had some good moments out back behind the H Street Playhouse, where according to H Street Playhouse historian Colin Hovde, the whores of yesteryear had themselves some good moments of their own. Ours weren't quite of the same, debased sort. What's the future of H Street NE, by the way? I wish I could get a handle on it. It's an old-line, working-class nabe, predominantly African-American. You can walk down the block and see retailers and clothing stores that probably served the community for generations--monuments to lives built one step at a time in the city. Alongside, you got Joe Englert's nightlife ambitions springing up like the future in an instant. Two different worlds...two different ethos. And no cabs. (But that X2 will get you where you need to go.) This is the neighborhood to watch in 2007.

Anyhoo. We did do some stuff.

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