Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Year In Highlights! June 2006: These Things Take Time

June found us spending time at Catholic University, the Grad School I Almost Went To But Opted Instead to Not Be In Debt Up to My Eyeballs, rehearsing The Memorandum, shit-talking about the World Cup and generally enjoying having a seat on the Alex Strain train. Alex, who long ago played the titular spider from Rahaleh Nassri's masterwork The Spider In My Vagina, had a straight-up MVP year on the DC stage, and it was nothing but a day-in, day-out pleasure watching him work and generally being inspired by him throughout a memorable summer. Then there was that whole Team U.S.A. crashing and burning in the World Cup thing. Ugh. Like I needed to be reminded of THAT. (Find your happy place...find your happy place...)

  • Ann Coulter: precisely the last person in the world who needs to be using the word "infallibility".
  • I'm not sorry that I called out this hideous species for all the ill it has brought to America.
  • Better to remember the World Cup at its beginning--great games laying in wait, endless hope and possibilities, the panoply of international competition at its widest and most promising--before the US's embarrassment, Zizou's outburst, and a victory for an Italian team that had been lethargic and uninspiring right up until two minutes remained in its semifinal match.
  • Look upon the Gaggledouchecycle, and shudder.
  • How dare I question the people who question homosexuality!
  • Eric Wemple bails on the Village Voice, wisely leaving behind a morass of tortured metaphors.
  • Snakes on a Plane. They said it couldn't happen in real life...BUT HOLY FUCK IT DID!!
  • 'Sup, Gitmo! How you livin'?
  • Joel Surnow and his 24-ites bring magnificent bastardry to Washington, DC. And, Grady Dubs was right, I just couldn't bear to recap THAT KISS.

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