Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Year In Highlights! May 2006: Paint A Vulgar Picture

May flat-out rocked! But did it rock with full-throated conservative values? That was the question that consumed us at the end of the month. Up until then, well, spring was leading on to summer, we were getting the first taste of the coming election season, and our prognosis for an actual vacation (as opposed to a pretend one) was surprisingly good. Feh. It was May.

  • You don't need ten reasons why President Bush won't get serious about Darfur, but, fuck it. Because we care.
  • A well-written Post article allows us to raise an old question: was indie homeboy Travis Morrison unjustly pierced on the end of a Pitchfork? (Duh...yes.)
  • We weren't surprised, or much saddened by the news that 9-11sploitation flick United 93 tanked at the box office. Rooting for RV made us feel a little dirty, though.
  • Wonkette's intrepid girl reporter Liz Gorman still makes Kriston Capps' heart skip a beat.
  • Ryan Avent rebuts some weak City Paper contentions, and it reminds us that the hometown alt-weekly is the city's primary source of deeply disingenuous writing.
  • We couldn't let the highlights pass without at least one of our unhinged rants on the illegal wiretapping nonsense. So, here you go. Remember: has not helped fight terrorism, will not help fight terrorism.
  • The best summer blockbusters of all time. Do you dare dispute this?!
  • Man, we were wrong about Jim Webb, and we couldn't be happier to be wrong. Clumsy campaigner, but as it turns out, a really well-engaged Senator with intellectual heft. Still--you wonder: absent "Macaca," maybe all we'd have had was a silly slogan.
  • The National Review attempts to find a home in the popular culture landscape by maintaining that there are, in fact, 50 Great Conservative Rock Songs. Of course, they're ridiculously and hopelessly wrong. But then again, it's easily peddled bullshit.

By the way, in writing about the tenuous basis for which rock songs were accorded "conservative" status, I wrote:

"With the bar set that low, you have to wonder why they just didn't define conservatism as being 'pro-puppy' or something."

I had no idea that I was inventing Michael Steele's campaign strategy! I think that dude owes me some fuckin' money!

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