Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Year In Highlights! November 2006: Still Ill

What a weird and wonderful month. The election brought massive changes along with the promise that almost everything would basically remain exactly the same. Macaca drove Virginia's village idiot from office, and speaking of, a similar idiot from the Pentagon. Yet, thankfully there were still plenty of dolts around.

John Kerry and jokes. Is there any doubt that one day, this combination is going to lead to a lot of people getting killed?
Are you ready for Laura Sessions Stepp's new book? Seriously, are you really ready? I'm not kidding. You need to be ready.
I offer George Felx Allen my vote, for a price. Also, the American Caste System, revealed!
Christopher Hitchens
being drunk, being wrong, being the center of attention.
Have we mentioned what a complete jackass we think Jim Moran is? Apparently, he hires from his own talent pool.
Rummy is finally pried out of the government.
Somehow, while everyone was looking away, Trent Lott came back to power, and received, yes, we know, an aptly named title.
Ethan Chandler: the go-to artist for all your corporate, brand-enhancing, team-building exercises.
DCist commentariot loses their collective shit over Dos Gringos.
We're uhm...never playing this game.

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