Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Year in Highlights! October 2006: Barbarism Begins At Home

October rocktobered with its proverbial cocktober out. That Foley shit lingered in the air for days and days, and you started to get the feeling that real carnage could happen on Election Day. At least relatively. My idea of the perfect Election Day is for every single incumbent to be devoured by wolves. But, then, I'm just that sick.

I was back in rehearsal during October, throwin' down Monster. That means I missed out on a lot of live rock. Hugs and kisses to Amanda Mattos for getting me a little closer to the action.

  • As bad as Foley was, remember, in Washington, it's never about the crime. It's about the coverup.
  • We had offered the hoary old Beltway quip w/r/t Foley: "Maybe he was on his way to a vote?" Guess what. He was. God damn.
  • Ahh, the City Paper. I say, this WAS, truly, a crowning journalistic achievement. For a roomful of chimpanzees, that is. (Did you have money on us defending the honor of College Park in '06, by the way?)
  • We call the Mark Foley tip line.
  • Finally, someone in the GOP starts making some damn sense.
  • The Post abandons all good sense by jumping into the NoVa vs. SoVa. debate.
  • DAM Fest! One of the best new DC things.
  • We miss George W. Bush by this much at a local CVS.
  • We interview De Novo Dahl and Bishop Allen.
  • Beck finds a way to freak out Washington.

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