Thursday, January 25, 2007

Bono and the Easiest Blind Item Ever.

Mr. Leafblower ran into Bono today on 16th Street on the way to work today. Foolishly, I drove to the office today, missing my big opportunity to kick it with the titular character of Killing Bono, Neil McCormick's fantastic book about growing up in Mr. Vox's shadow--a book so good that it'll have the U2 haters out there thinking of the band in a new way. I should have very much liked to have asked him what he was working on for the good of the entire planet today, whether or not his not getting appointed to the top position of the World bank had anything to do with not being able to count to fourteen in Spanish, and basically just chatted him up as to where he was walking or crawling, the honey lips he was kissing, the bad taste he'd left in people's mouths, or if he was stuck in a moment he could not get out of.

Speaking of the bad taste left in people's mouths, Wonkette ran what is, like, the easiest blind item ever in life today. Let's see: tantrummy, carting around an annoying dog, loathed by all adds up to the Viscountess of the Has-Beens, Karen Feld, who's probably become recently emboldened ever since someone from her benighted, neglected side of the cafeteria was recently reanimated to emcee the White House Correspondent's Dinner (which, by the way, is going to suck large lardy balls this year). Pictured above, one of Feld's many pieces of statuary dedicated to radiation burns.

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The Governess said...

he's a star in canada, yo.