Friday, January 26, 2007

DCeptette: Banned at the end of the world version

  1. This is pretty awesome. I was thinking on my way into work today about the whole Israel-Palestine/Israel-Iran state of affairs today, totally flummoxing myself realizing that one can clearly observe a party's intention, know full well that if you could get said party under sodium pentathol that you could get them to cop to it, have any number of supporting pieces of evidence to back up your assertion but the moment you give voice to your observation, you can be labelled an anti-Semite or worse. Lo and behold, Yglesias wrote a very thoughtful article about the very thing I was musing about! Saints be praised! Matthew: Just as a FYI, tomorrow I'm going to be comtemplating how one might go about achieving a self-administered, forty-minute, slow-motion orgasm. I can wait to read the Prospect! [American Prospect]
  2. The Politico is up and running and fully attempting to insinuate that having Jim VandeHei on staff is somehow impressive. And in their first week, they bring you news of some third-tier government institute that's been trying to edit it's own Wikipedia entry. Woah! Slow down, Politico! I might pull a muscle from being fascinated so hard! [The Politico]
  3. Grahamzilla aims to be an all-ages show killa after some kid gets shot at some show. It's easily the daftest policy proposal we've heard so far this year: keep underaged kids out of clubs so that the adults can get shot instead. I, for one, welcome a throng of middle-school age human shields at the Rock and Roll Hotel. Folks are fighting this: we imagine that when Graham gets word that "Travis Morrisson...was similarly angry and...planning on making his voice heard," that Graham'll shit his knickers right then and there. I mean, this is the guy who wrote "Get Me Off of This Coin!" And if he thinks that's bad, just wait till Graham has to stare into the sad, sad eyes of Amy Domingues! [DCist]
  4. This is how I have always imagined you guys wedding anyway. I also imagine that when the bear let loose his yawp of matrimonial approval, you turned in his direction to offer some gently chiding laughter, as if to say, "Oh, bear. Now." [PIABs]
  5. Now that IS cute. [Cruel Sommer]

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