Friday, January 05, 2007

DCeptette: If I ever ask you about invisible motorcycles version

  1. I'm straight up relieved that even if UVa. hasn't managed an away win against an English speaking team, we could at least find ourselves in the front seat on the Let's Beat Gonzaga Bandwagon. The Wahoos are becoming straight hibachi-like at the John Paul Jones Arena--where they have NOT YET BEGUN TO FIGHT!--Sean Singletary jacking threes like the game was stuck on "novice" setting and the team coasting out to a crazy-ass lead at halftime. We have to note, also, one team that DIDN'T manage to square away a seat on the Beat Zaga Waga was UNC, who choked at the Deaner. Interesting. Of course, Brother of DCeiver would like to remind you all that Appalachian State, who beat Virginia, are sitting up in Boone with an RPI rating of 7. 7! Gweneth Paltrow's head in a box! Of course, they have a long winter of beating up the other members of their "conference", so that rating will go down. Still, I say App State's got the best chance of anyone out there getting to the Dance and going straight Masonic. We'll see.
  2. Speaking of basketball, LEAF'S SWAG IS PHENOMENAL! Check him out as he holds Agent Zero's heels to fire on the issue of quality shots. [Information Leafblower]
  3. Monitoring the cultural advancement of Baltimore: the nation's deadliest IHOP has been TRANSFORMED into the nation's gaudiest Enterprise Rent-A-Car. [Thrown for a Loop]
  4. Now, now. Something tells me that your offer of congratulations is just a teeny bit disingenuous. [Craigslist]
  5. Somebody explain Pat Robertson to me. If God was always taunting your ass about the hellfire that's going to rain down on America, sooner or later, wouldn't you get tired of God being such a stone dickhead and stop hanging out with Him? I think one day, Robertson's going to wake up and realize that all the while he's thought himself to be on the Good Lord's hotsync, he's actually been conversing with King Booga-Foo Douchetoast from the Dark Side of the Moon. Maybe then he'll say to himself, "My. I am, indeed, effervescently stupid." [Circumlocutor]


Code Monkey Master said...

hell yea, go Hoos...we'll make it past the 1st round of the NIT yet! Seriously, Singletary is a beast tho. This is the most excited i've been about this squad since Courtney "i'm not cory" Alexander was there.

The Governess said...

i see yr invisible motorcycle and raise you: sex pooping.

there, i just left you the best comment ever.