Wednesday, January 31, 2007

DCeptette: Keep it on the dance floor version.

  1. DCist has a good posting today about what's going on over at out sister site SFist with regards to Gavin Newsom's trained sockpuppet, Peter Ragone, invading their comments under pseudonyms and having nothing better than lame Reesian excuses when he was finally called out on it. It's an appropriate thing for DCist to discuss if for no other reason that I've always felt that when DC's politicos seem to be the most baffling bunch of morons in the world, the best way to feel a whole lot better to look west, young man, and check out the High School Musical that is the San Francisco civic scene. Thanks to good friends, some who used to live there, some who still do, I got introduced to the daily melodrama as a sort of spectator sport, and, I promise you, it's like a telenovela. The caustic infighting between political candidates, underage socialite sctupping, Mayoral pool-hall sharking, and conservative majority doomsaying is just the tip of the iceberg. Peer closer and you get things like the ravenous, lesbian volleyball player eating dogs, college newspaper thieving operatives, and REFERENDA BY THE METRIC TON. Plus, who the fuck can keep track of who's selling what news daily to who? I think BRILL'S CONTENT had to have a monthly column just about that shit. Also: Matt Gonzalez supporters=apparently the most insufferable assholes in all of California. It's all good, people, and after a month of reading their weeklies, I promise you, Marion Barry won't seem so outlandish. [DCist]
  2. Uhm...people still go to Lauriol Plaza? Surely not. [Metroblogs]
  3. George Washington University is the nation's most expensive college? Apparently, yes. The yearly tuition is now a cool $37,820. Symbolically, though, GWU is DC's overpriced condo of area universities--all exposed pipes and granite countertops, but the walls are paper thin. [DCist]
  4. I think it was Chuck Klosterman who, pondering the personnel choices made by the members of the band Velvet Revolver, remarked that Axl Rose's level of irresponsibility must be crazy vast for his former bandmates to hold out serial smack fiend Scott Weiland as someone possessing several orders of magnitude more dignity and professionalism. By the same token, we are stunned and amazed at the rumor that American Idol producers are mulling replacing lovable Vicodin enthusiast Paula Abdul with Courtney Love. I mean, Paula's drugged-out antics are embarrassing, but it's not like she killed Kurt Cobain or anything! Still, the addition of Love would be exciting: especially if you've ever wanted to see Kellie Pickler forcefed a speedball.
  5. If the Going Out Douchecicles truly intend to fill the vacuum left by the Washington Post's now-or-soon to be defunct MP3 page, then woe betide us all. And not because the SuperLames are only now catching the seventeenth wave of enthusiasm over Midlake. No. It's more the way they cluelessly send the Manassas soccer mommies who comprise their core constituency in the direction of music by anti-gay terrorist freakazoid Buju Banton. Sigh. Dumbass. [WaPo Twatwaddles]

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