Thursday, January 04, 2007

DCeptette: She talks like a woman but she shakes like a man version

  1. My Citrus Bowl experience couldn't have been more different from The Upstate Life's. In the first place, the game began with Terry Kirby fumbling away the opening kickoff. Then, we were sadly treated to the sight of something that occurs in nature with a Halley's Comet-like frequency: Jeff George playing competently. After the game, we too, hit up Church Street Station. Based upon TUL's testimony, that place has changed considerably since then. It was hopelessly, haplessly Lame City. The only thing that made the night unique is that we made the acquaintance of an absolutely smoking hot friend of a friend who later went on--and I am in no way making this up--to marry Tony Randall. Yes. That Tony Randall. I think we were seated near the same drunk woman, though. She goes to all the Citrus Bowls. [The Upstate Life]
  2. Look who's achieved boldface status on Fishbowl! Hawt! [FishbowlDC]
  3. Oh, boy. Circumlocutor takes me straight down memory effing lane today! We remember this piece of Cherkisiana from way back, and thrilled at the searing letter he got in response, which the good Sir Circ quotes in its entirety. After all these years, we still laugh about how Cherkis namechecks Rites of Spring as the sonic fuel behind one of his temper tantrums. Cause he straight reprazents, yo! Emo, bitches! Revolution summer! Ovaries the size of basketballs! Ye GODS. [Circumlocutor]
  4. The Governess chronicles the many treatments she's used to cure her back/neck pain. One of the treatment protocols she cites is "new wave crap." We are taking this to mean she attempted to use a Sigue Sigue Sputnik album. Silly goose: I think C. Everett Koop warned us about those guys! [Pygmalion in a Blanket]
  5. At our recent DCist Holiday Soiree and Milkshake Festival Unlimited, I was happy to note that Tom was the sort of person who doesn't buy that old audiophile line about how vinyl recordings maintain some sort of aural superiority to digital recordings--an argument typically put forth by weirdos. Finally, a suitable person to debate Tom on this regard has been identified. Glenn Danzig. Let's make this happen, people. [Idolator]


The Governess said...

obvs. I mistyped "new age", but I kept it because it makes me laugh every single time I re-read it. Congrats, by the way, of being the only person to catch that.

Tom said...

He likes TAPE!? Christ. Alright, I knew this day would come. And I'm cautiously optimistic.

tom said...

He likes the sound of TAPE!? Christ. Well, alright. I guess in some ways I've always known this would happen. Bring it on, Glenn. Given my recent success in Wii boxing against my actual sort-of-boxer roommate (and this video, of course), I'm cautiously optimistic.

Mrs. Dementor said...

LOVE records, love them, love them. The sound is better, warmer, particularly the human voice, whether opera or rock. I had this debate with one of the scary guys who work at Orpheus, the one who walks barefoot through Clarendon and files his nails into a point. As I brought up my soon-to-be-purchased records from the majorly neglected classical section, he stood behind the Dickensian counter there and deigned to agree with me. We were walking on sunshine for a moment.