Monday, January 29, 2007

Down with Clemson.

I spent most of the day worried about the game at Clemson--mainly because the Tigers were coming off ONE OF "THOSE" losses to Duke. You know the kind I mean. Where, say, a timekeeping error benefits the Blue Devils in that weird way that only seem to ever happen when Duke is playing? I expected Clemson to be pissed as hell after that, and I thought, "Great. Fuck you, Duke. You fuck us even when you aren't on our schedule."

But my worries have dissipated, now, only turned to anger at either myself or my TiVo, because one of us failed to close the deal whilst I was treating myself to Children of Men (more on that later). When's the last time we'va won four ACC games in a row? Or come back from 15 points down? On the road? With Jason Motherfucking Children of Cain tipping in the game-winner? Do you see where this is all heading? Right back to the John Paul Jones Arena, where we have not yet begun to fight and where we have only dropped one game (to Stanford, and, by the way, Cardinal, thank you for making that loss MEAN something by running amok this week and beating both USC and, if you wouldn't mind taking a dive to Gonzaga...) and where we will be beating the ass of #10 Duke this Thursday. Yes, sir. This is making me dangerously giddy.


Eric said...

Bracketology on still has Maryland and Georgia Tech in ahead of UVA. What the f is going on there.

Duvall said...

What the f is going on there.

You lost to App frigging State, that's what. Virginia still has work to do.

The Deceiver said...

Without a doubt, UVa has many rivers to cross before getting back in Lunardi's good graces. And, yes, the loss to App State sucks--my App State alum brother loves pointing it out. (Though the loss to Utah is perhaps more costly--App. State did everything they could possibly do to make their RPI high before heading into play in the Southern Conference.)

Joe Lunardi has the tendency to mistrust UVa., and sadly, UVa has given him, historically, ample reason to. Right now, though, it's all about building that resume. They need a good record in the ACC, and they've got one going. They desperately needed some road victories, and now they've picked up some choice ones. Getting to play Duke in the JPJ is an opportunity they really need to have.

TUL said...

At least we can all truly agree that Clemson was robbed against Duke. Explain to me how it takes .6 seconds to receive a pass, set, and then shoot a 3? Absurd.

Paul said...

1 - I saved the game on my TiVo. At about 5:30 to go, down like 14 points, I started thinking about all of the other shit I had to do and how watching the game was a huge waste of time. I literally told myself, "OK, next time they take a dumb shot or turn it over, I'm going to go do some laundry." Thank god it didn't happen.

2 - Sadly, we're not really in the tourney yet. Our only real marquee win was very early in the season, and losses to ASU, Utah, Stanford, and Purdue all hurt (although Stanford seems to be turning around, and looked like a DAMN GOOD team when we played them). No point getting worked up about Bracketology yet. Down the stretch UVA has a really favorable ACC schedule, while a lot of the has-been teams that are higher up in the bracket game (Clemson, FSU, Maryland) are definitely going nowhere but down.

I think Virginia definitely WILL be in the tourney, but they haven't earned it yet if they start playing like shit. A win over Duke isn't a requirement, but it would be a huge positive.