Friday, January 26, 2007

Iraq: Sadly, failure is an option.

What does a soldier do when he or she is asked to "surge?" Flail around? Pound a couple Red Bulls? I don't get it. I don't grok the strategery, yo. What will these surging troops do, pray tell? And why, if it takes surging to get done what needs to get done, has it not been done already? Like, say, on any day prior to that time Dubya stuffed a pickle in his pants and toddled around on that aircraft carrier? Why didn't we start the war in a state of "surge?" Why does it feel so much like George Bush is bent over an amp, dully attempting to explain to the American people: "But...but...this one goes to ELEVEN! To ELEVEN?"

I also don't understand how criticizing the surge gives aid and comfort to the "enemy." I'm guessing that the "enemy," by dint of being seemingly immortal, impossible to defeat, and having us right where they want us--supine and doing the Iraqi government's dirty-work Civil War refereeing while Nouri Al-Maliki jets over to Washington every four months or so to haul off another thousand suitcases of my tax money, have grown to be quite staggeringly aided and comforted. I should imagine that the very announcement of the "surge"--by which I mean, an announcement that we intent to try some sort of a last-ditch, go-for-broke, Hail Mary pass of an idea without any real strategic sense or sensibility--was greeted in the enemy camps as just the latest aid and comfort. "Hooray!" they probably said, adding, "This is indeed a glorious comfort! It is as if George Bush bought us each one of those mattresses made of that NASA foam material. You know, the kind where I can put a glass of wine on one corner and jump on the far side of the bed without spilling the wine! What comfort!"

I don't understand the argument, and I don't understand why supposedly sensible people--or at least people in positions that should require some sense--advance the argument. It's such Willy Wonka bullshit. Nevertheless, nu-cuckoo John McCain and his shit-mouthed stooge on the left, Joe Lieberman, both asked General Petraeus if it were in fact, true, that criticizing the surge would give aid and comfort to the enemy--that is to say, LITERALLY, a situation in which the enemy is sitting by the TV, desperately waiting and hoping to hear someone criticize the surge.

Petraeus answered yes, which leads me to conclude that General Petraeus is a moron. Who is this fuck, anyway? Is he some Greek general pulled from the motherfucking Peloponnesian War? Is he gonna ride down the Tigris in a goddamn trireme? Because that would be pretty bad-ass. But if he really thinks the "enemy" is getting hopeful and emboldened because fucking Dennis Kucinich doesn't like the surge idea, he needs to have his fucking head examined.

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The lessons have been learned before. Numbers dead does not equate to victory

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