Friday, January 05, 2007

Thus Endeth the Prime of Miss Harriet Miers

We must and should take a moment to consider the end of Miss Harriet Miers' unlikely career. She and I will be inexorably linked together in the story of my life, as in, "That Time I Totally Wanted To Ease in To My First Ever Day of Wonkettery." For the rest of you, should you choose to waste valuable parts of your neural network remembering her at all, you'll likely remember Miers as the wack-a-doodle hairstyled Queen of the Cronies, straight up representing the type of people George Bush loved having in his government the mostest: that is, folks who had no business being in government at all. The Heckuvajob Corps of the U.S.A. Like some sort of Zelig-y figure, they sat at the right hand of the President, and, no, they didn't have any better ideas than he did.

Of course, Miers was extra-special close to Bushiepoo. So much so that one can see her as a real-life Desmond Pfeiffer, except that her Secret Diaries are likely filled with such examples of erudition as "I *WUV* my Prezzie Bush! He is the nicest and the cutest and the smartingest President EVER IN LIFE!" and every "i" is dotted with a heart or a kitty-head. And with that in mind, PUZZLE AND WONDER over what could have been if she had made it, as planned, to the Supreme Court of the United States--a plan so downright cockamamie that even Harry Reid had to get behind know--JUST 'CUZ! Imagine her dissenting opinions! "This court cannot grant relief to this Complainant, who is a real silly-billy who ought to just lighten up if he wants to have a reasonable expectation of HUGS AND PUPPIES!"

Yes, that would have been awesome, even though it would have hurt America every single night and every single day that she remained on the court. Still, we'll miss her, and we'll even hold out some sympathy. We distinctly remember AMC telling us about her Miers costume for Halloween 2005--a dagger stuck in the back of a dress. So truly true. And simultaneously: a great punchline.

Bye-bye Harriet! Enjoy life on the Bush Family Latin American Apocalypse Compound!

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