Saturday, January 06, 2007

Track this rumor: Boozin' it up with Gary Williams?

So, this rumor got back to us today, and the source, just so you know, is a diehard Terrapin fan.

This is how the rumor goes: Maryland men's basketball coach has been asked by the University to stay the hell out of the state of Maryland when he's not coaching basketball because during the offseason, he apparently prefers to fill the vaccuum normally occupied by basketball with gallon after gallon of booze.

Again: only a rumor, and one we're not inclined to believe because of the dearth of photos of Williams publicly exposing his genitals, which appears to be at the forefront of the drunk in public zeitgeist. On the other hand, his fugly-ass mug always does look a little puffy. We always figured that his family used to beat his face in and it eventually stopped healing.

Still: if you can attest to either Williams' wanton drunkeness or his saintly teetotalism, and if you can point to whether it changes once he crosses the state line, you dem Duke boys!...hit us up.


Anonymous said...

I saw Williams at McFaddens a few years ago on a Monday night. Unfortunately, I was too drunk to notice how drunk he was.

Eric said...

I've definitely seen him in Rockville and Bethesda. And I saw him in Dewey hitting on some young ladies. He's kind of a scumbag it seems.

Thehairyape said...

This is a very well know fact on the UMD campus. I have personally seen Coach Drunkard at EJ's Landing attempting to drown his liver on more than one Tuesday Night. That was more than 10 years ago. I imagine that he has changed his "watering hole" even though the only reason to go to a "bar" that is housed in a Best Western is to watch a future NCAA Tourney Champion Coach stager out the door after last call.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! A friend sent me a picture from of Gary looking pretty hammered.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! A friend sent me a picture from of Gary looking pretty hammered.