Thursday, January 04, 2007

Welcome to 2007!

Today was sort of our first day back from what feels like a pretty extensive vacation, and the first day we felt like it was time to participate in this glorious new year. Hey, it's not like we're having the same "odd years are bad" trepidations that our good friend Grady Dubs is having. But 2006? Hells, y'all. That was a vetty, vetty good year. It didn't come in some blind rush of goodness, more like a slow unfolding that almost snuck up. We'll miss you 2006. Hopefully, as we cleave ourselves to the bosom of 2007, the year will not prove itself a harsh mistress.

Here's the first thing we enjoyed unilaterally in 2007: courtesy of our friend Dave (who is in agreement that one thing we'd like to see in the coming year=Jake Gyllenhaal fighting an ostrich to the death). Presenting the Caruso Variations, in which the unholy brilliance of David Caruso and his Mighty Sunglasses reveal themselves to be the most sublime example of bad acting in the known world.

We have to agree with Dave: the constant inclusion of Roger Daltrey's yowl just MAKES this motherfucker shine. Please to enjoy.

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